I started this website to let young players in the M.C.L. know where they stand in the history of the league. 

When records are established kids have something to strive for and work towards. It is frustrating to me when coaches don't or won't submit the team & individual is a part of history that is lost forever. Case in point had jon hunnacutt's kicking stats not been kept a state record would have been lost forever. Young players would have missed out on the chance to try and beat the record he just set.

While the countdown is over for Jon and the count-up is starting. a new countdown will begin maybe next year or in 20 years and when it happens i hope someone records the stats so everyone can see where he or she stands in history.

Tim, Adalynn, Allison, Joe, Jennifer, Bonna and Corbin.

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About us:

I graduated from Phillipsburg in 1986 and lived in Dodge City for 5 years, in 1993 I moved back to and live in Phillipsburg. I'm a huge fan of all sports.

I also love to look at sports stats and will try my best to keep statistics for all sports.

This website will also track the history of the league.

Please remember I'am new to this and it will be a learning experience for me.